Ask Dr.Nomteto: Swollen fallopian tubes

By Drum Digital
16 June 2016

My fallopian tubes are swollen. How do I treat them because I’d like to have a baby?



Swollen fallopian tubes will prevent you from having a baby as the egg from the ovaries won’t pass through them. The swelling could be caused by Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

This is usually as a result of a recurrent infection in the female reproductive system, caused by sexually-transmitted infections.

These are mostly bacterial and treated with multiple antibiotics. It could also be fungal – a yeast infection – which can be treated with anti-fungal tablets and creams.

If the repetitive infections are left untreated, the pathways of the fallopian tubes stick together, forming adhesion's that completely close them.

Visit a gynecologist to determine if you need surgical or radiological intervention to reopen them.

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