Ask Sis Doll: Is he the father?

By Drum Digital
27 June 2014

Sis Dolly advises Patricia

Patricia asks Sis Dolly: I’ve one child and I’m expecting another with my ex-boyfriend, who says the baby isn’t his. I don’t know how to prove he is the father – should I force him to do a paternity test or should I just leave it? I don’t want anything from him. I just want him to know I’m not the cheap girl he thinks I am.

Sis Dolly answers: It is always wise to know who the father of your child is, not only to claim maintenance and child support but also if one day your child wants to know. So while you might want to be free of this rogue, and you don’t need his money right now because you’re feeling proud, think about this carefully before you make your decision.

I suggest you phone the Legal Aid Advice Line (0861-053-425) for advice. You might be feeling strong now, but coping with a child as a single parent is very difficult, especially when you’re strapped for cash.

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