Ask Sis Dolly

By Drum Digital
14 May 2014

Nthabi asks: I’m 29 and in a relationship with the father of my daughter. I don’t trust him anymore because he’s still in touch with his ex. They have two children and I understand that they need to communicate, but every day? I have a child with another man but my partner doesn’t want me to contact him at all. What must I do?

Sis Dolly answers: These things aren’t easy but you have to be reasonable. He might need to phone his ex to talk about his children or speak to them. You may not like it, but you need to allow him to bond with his kids. Speak to him about it. Tell him you feel insecure but you understand he needs to keep in touch with his kids. Tell him you need a similar arrangement with your ex so that your child can benefit from having a father. If he gets unreasonable, tell him he can’t have it all his way. Maybe if he knows your ex is a feature in your life, he’ll be sensitive about his calls to his ex.

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