Ask sis Dolly: Constantly fighting

By Drum Digital
03 April 2015

?My girlfriend and I argue all the time.

My girlfriend and I argue all the time. She says I have anger issues, but so does she. We both need help.

Sis Dolly answer:

What is there to fight about 'all' the time? It sounds like there's a power struggle here and you both always want to be right. Sometimes it's okay to be quiet or even to be wrong. If you both genuinely haveanger problems then you need to go for individual and joint counselling to deal with it. Anger, in and of itself, isn't always a bad thing but managing it and using it productively is a challenge. For instance, using your anger to get fit is good but using it against another person isn't. You may both be using your relationship as an outlet for past issues. Counselling is a good idea.

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