Ask Sis Dolly: Dad opposes my faith

By Drum Digital
02 November 2015

I’m 17 and became a Christian last year. My father doesn’t believe in that sort of thing. Can he hate me for my beliefs?


Sis Dolly answers:

Religion and personal belief systems are very personal and they can become an emotional issue if the beliefs of others differ from your own beliefs.

If your dad has very strong beliefs that suggest Christianity is a bad thing, he probably won’t hate you for your choice, but he may forbid you to carry out that religious practice and forbid Christianity in his house.

Fortunately, no one can temper with our hearts or what we choose for ourselves. So while your father can try to convince you that your new beliefs are a bad thing, he can’t change your mind for you – unless you choose for that to happen.

M wish for you is that your father is able to listen to you when you tell him about your new faith, and that he doesn’t treat you badly for your choice.

I also hope your father is able to articulate why he isn’t Christian and that you’ll listen to hear his position

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