Ask Sis Dolly: Different love language

By Drum Digital
25 February 2016

I’ve been married for 13 years and thought my husband was an honest man who wouldn’t ever cheat.

Recently, while he was dreaming and holding me, he talked in his sleep in a language we don’t use when we make love.

I told him about it and he just laughed, but the next time we made love he used that same language again.

What am I supposed to make of this?

Sis Dolly answers:

I really don’t think your husband is cheating.

I think it’s more likely that his fantasies are escaping his head and coming out in the open.

You need to ask him about where this language is coming from and why he’s suddenly using it.

It’s possible he’s watching porn and he feels your sex life needs a little more excitement.

If you are going to ask him about it, you can’t be judgmental if you want him to be honest and open.

You might be surprised and shocked, but at no point do you want to break down the lines of communication to the point where he doesn’t engage you.

The reality is that if he feels he needs more, I suspect he’ll just take his needs underground and not share them with you.

I also think he’s been testing you to see how you’d respond.

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