Ask sis Dolly: Dumped for another woman

By Drum Digital
18 August 2015

He dumped me two months ago...

I'm a woman aged 33 and I have a five year old daughter with my ex-boyfriend. We dated for nine years. We are also both HIV-positive. He dumped me two months ago for another woman for no reason. Now I can't cope because I still love him.

Sis Dolly answers:

You can cope and, of course, you still love him. This is normal, given  the length of your relationships. Remember, even the end of shorter relationship you had. I always say that you can't switch off the emotions you feel but you can allow yourself to feel them and understand where they come from. Allowing yourself the time to heal means you'll be in the process of working on a different way of being in the world without on a different way of being in the world without this man at your side. You'll be fine, just give yourself time. I'm sure he has his reasons even if he has not shared them with you but don't worry about that, just focus on yourself. Also, make sure that he continues to support his child.

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