Ask sis Dolly: He cheats in front of me

By Drum Digital
07 May 2015

He cheats in front of me, talking to his girlfriends while I'm waiting for him in the car.

I'm 23 and in a relationship with a man I work with. My problem is I love him and it's hard to let go of him.

Sis Dolly answer:

Love should never be a burden or a problem. Right now you are choosing to stay in a relationship that's not working for you. You choices are simple: stay in this relationship and keep being unhappy or walk away and find happiness. This man is treating you this way because you're allowing it. You are the only one who can make the choice to accept this behaviour or move on. It is clear this man has no respect for you or your relationship so I'm not sure why you would choose to be repeatedly disrespected. Start building your self-confidence-you deserve better.

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