Ask Sis dolly: He doesn't want to use condoms

By Drum Digital
19 February 2016

I’m 28 and dating a guy of 33. I asked him to wait until I was ready to have sex with him and he did.

On the night I was finally ready, he was all excited and got condoms.

But the minute he was on top of me, he stopped and said he had lost his erection.

So we stopped but he pleaded with me to have sex without using a condom.

He promised not to make me pregnant, but I refused to go on.

We talked it out and ended up not having sex that night.

In the morning, he carried on again and I told him he needed to know that

we can’t have sex without a condom. Should I stay with him or let him go?

Sis Dolly answers: 

You should definitely stick to your guns and insist he wears a condom.

I think your clarity and willingness to stand for that is brilliant.

If you want to be in a relationship with him, you could possibly suggest that he gets help with his inability to maintain his erection.

If, however, you think it is too much to ask and you are not really invested in the relationship, you can decide to let him go.

I do feel for the guy because his ego may take a knock.

However, I’d still suggest he get help for his erectile problem rather than expect women to have unprotected sex.

For more information on erectile dysfunction contact Mens Clinic International on 0860-362-867.

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