Ask sis Dolly: He hangs out with his friends too much

By Drum Digital
19 August 2015

I met a 40 year old man and we're in love.

I'm a 29 year old mother of a seven year old boy. I met a 40 year old man and we're in love, but he enjoys spending time with his friends. I don't like it when he spends too much time with them. What can I do?

Sis Dolly answers:

What don't you like about it? He had a life before you met him and hopefully will continue to have a life if you ever leave him. Friends are a very important aspect of all our lives and within a relationship. They give all of us the support we need from outside an intimate relationship as well as a break from our partners, which allows us different experiences and a different type of social stimulation. When people say "his or her friends are a bad influence", my response is that if your partner is easily influenced, then they have no self-control and it doesn;t matter who they hang out with because the issue sits with them and not with other people. I suggest you work out when you'll spend time together and when you'll spend time with friends, and then build a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

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