Ask Sis Dolly: He prefers an online relationship

By Drum Digital
08 February 2016

I am 19 and in love with a 22-year-old guy. We’ve been dating since December 2014.

My boyfriend doesn’t spend time with me; he’s always chatting on Facebook with other girls.

He always comes up with excuseswhen we’re supposed to meet.

I feel small and unloved. He always sends me SMSes and calls me, telling me he loves me, but I can’t see it and it’s not enough.

Sis Dolly asks

From your letter, I can tell you are not the only person to whom he’s sending messages of love.

He’s playing you, and all the other girls he is messaging, and keeping on a string.

He wants to have as many options as possible and always have someone to fall back on.

If you were a priority, he’d make the time and effort to see you.

He also enjoys making girls feel small so you think you need him to complete you.

You are too young to have to deal with this drama.

If you don’t break the habit of dependency now, you’ll allow yourself to be treated this way in relationships all your life.

You are not small, so don’t play small.

Find your self-love and demand that people treat you with respect. Ditch this guy – you

aren’t dating and he is not your boyfriend.

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