Ask Sis Dolly: He sleeps with prostitutes

By Drum Digital
12 July 2016

My boyfriend confessed he’s been sleeping with prostitutes.

My boyfriend confessed he’s been sleeping with prostitutes.

He said he’s willing to change, but I’m scared he will do it again.

I love him but I don’t know whether I should forgive him and go back to him, or if I must leave and move on.

Sis Dolly Answers

You didn’t mention whether or not he used protection with these women.

If he says he promises to change, did he tell you why he was doing it in the first place? That is where both of you should start when you discuss this.

You need to ask yourself if you’re willing to continue with him after what you’ve learnt.

If that’s the case, are you ready to deal with any consequences as a result of his reckless actions? You also need to ask yourself what you will do if he does it again.

Are you truly willing to live with that uncertainty?

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