Ask Sis Dolly: He still see his ex

By Drum Digital
05 February 2016

I’m 22 and dating a 37-year-old man.

He says he loves me but still sees his ex.

He even calls her in my presence. Should I move on?

Sis Dolly answers

If I understand this correctly, your boyfriend’s still dating his ex and has conversations that show they still have something between them?

He also does it in front of you and yet you’re still hanging  around? Your behavior doesn’t tell him that you’re unhappy with this.

He clearly thinks you think and feel that it’s fine.

Does he just see you as the “side chick” who knows he’s involved with someone else and accepts your status in his life, or are you in a serious relationship with him?

Decide what you want and ask for it. If you can’t get that, move on.

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