Ask Sis Dolly: He tried to commit suicide

By Drum Digital
04 July 2016

I went to my boyfriend’s house to show his mother our two-month old baby, that same night, he brought another girl to our house and I caught him.

I went to my boyfriend’s house to show his mother our two-month old baby. That same night, he brought another girl to our house and I caught him.

He says it was a mistake and he’ll never do it again, but I can’t forgive him.

He tried to commit suicide because I wanted to leave him and now everybody’s blaming me, saying I’m harsh and that I must forgive him.

What must I do because I feel in my heart it’s over?

Sis Dolly Answers

Trust your instincts. You can’t base your decision to stay or leave on what people are saying.

This is your life and the decision will affect you, not them.

Your boyfriend’s way of dealing with what happened has nothing to do with you and you should not feel guilty.

It’s just his way of manipulating you so you’ll feel guilty and consider taking him back.

Remember, you’re not responsible for his actions. He should have thought of the consequences before he betrayed you.

What you need to do is concentrate on raising your child, bearing in mind that he’s the father and has every right to be part of the child’s life in every way.

If you’re still uncertain, you can call Famsa’s national office on 011-975-7106.

They’ll give you details of a Famsa office near you where you can get counselling to help you make this decision.

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