Ask Sis Dolly: He wants to break up

By Drum Digital
23 March 2016

I'm stressed because the father of my two kids is cheating on me and not hiding it.

I'm stressed because the father of my two kids is cheating on me and not hiding it. If I talk to him about it he says, “Let’s break up” because he is tired of talking.

Sis Dolly answers

This man has repeatedly shown you that he has no respect, consideration or love for you. You’re not accepting his suggestion to break up and he’s not courageous enough to actually end it.

In fact, he has such disdain for you that he can’t even be bothered to hide his cheating. What more do you need to show you that he is not interested in continuing this relationship?

I think it’s difficult to walk away, and when you have kids it can be even more challenging. Yet, he doesn’t seem interested in talking to you or changing his behaviour.

You can either continue to live with the pain and frustration or start accepting the change and start talking to him about supporting his children when you’re no longer together.

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