Ask Sis Dolly: He's being abused

By Drum Digital
28 September 2016

I’m 26 and in love with a 30-year old guy, I believe he loves me, too, but, he’s dating a 42-year-old woman who he’s afraid of

I’m 26 and in love with a 30-year old guy. I believe he loves me, too. But, he’s dating a 42-year-old woman who he’s afraid of.

He promised me he’d break up with her but still hasn’t. He also promised to pay lobolo for me next year. I can’t take sharing him any more.

She’s abusive: she beats him and wanted to do the same to me but I escaped.

I’m afraid of this woman but I can’t live without him. When I hear they’re together, I become moody.

It’s affecting my life and those around me.

Sis Dolly answers 

It’s not clear if you entered into the relationship with this guy knowing he was with someone else. If that’s the case, you have no one but yourself to blame.

This is not healthy at all. The three of you need to be realistic and make decisions regarding the future. You have to make sure that if or when he pays lobolo for you, the other woman is out of the picture.

If not, then perhaps it’s time you remove yourself from the equation and find someone who will love and appreciate you.

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