Ask sis Dolly: I can't communicate with my husband

By Drum Digital
14 April 2015

My husband and I hardly talk to each other. He's moody and gets irritated easily.

I feel lonely. Even if we do talk, he'll be offish or defensive. I'm really frustrated. Sometimes I'll phone him from work and can hear he isn't interested. Please advise me on what to do.

Sis Dolly answers:

Have you asked him what the problem is and why you seem to irritate him so much? I presume this is a change in his behavior and that it hasn't always been this way. You need to ask him what's going on because something is definitely wrog. You need to get an answer out of him. Chances are he'll treat you in the same way and be defensive. Ask him why he chooses to respond to you in this way and what has changed from when he used to treat you with respect, care and consideration. let him know this isn't what you signed up for and would like to have a relationship that you're both invested in and building on. Above all, he owes you an explanation and can't expect you to live like this.

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