Ask Sis Dolly: I can't forget him

By Drum Digital
31 March 2016

I’m 26, a wife and mother-of-one.

Q I’m 26, a wife and mother-of-one. I met a guy at work who was an intern but only stayed for a month before moving to another department in the same building.

This guy used to be friendly towards me, from buying chocolate to hugs, until my colleagues concluded that he likes me. Though he never verbalised it to me, I ended up liking him.

When he moved, we didn’t meet as often but would stop and chat when we met in the corridors. I once in boxed him on Facebook but he didn’t reply. Then I thought perhaps I got it wrong and he was just being friendly I didn’t want to act on my feelings since I’m married, but now it’s been almost a year and the feelings won’t disappear.

How do I forget about him? It’s affecting my happiness with my husband. This guy crosses my mind every day.

Sis Dolly Answers

A You need to grow up and focus on what you have instead of looking outside. The only reason this is affecting your happiness with your husband is because somewhere in your head you need attention from another man.

The question is: What is going on in your marriage that you feel you need the excitement of another man’s attention? Why is it fine to look for a relationship outside your marriage? This is a fantasy  which you think might become a reality.

This guy isn’t even responding to you. I strongly suggest you focus on building and maintaining what you have and let this little fantasy go.

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