Ask Sis Dolly: I can't let go

By Drum Digital
20 October 2016

I love him and I can’t move on

I’m 20 and dating a guy aged 24. We’ve known each other for a year now and he took my virginity last year.

A few months later he told me he’s been seeing someone else for almost 10 years now. I was the first to meet his parents.

I love him and I can’t move on.

Sis Dolly answers 

He has confessed that he’s been seeing someone else, but are you still together? You need answers from him about where your relationship stands and whether telling you means that it’s over between him and the other woman, or between him and you.

Do not assume anything.

It’s always very difficult to let go of or forget your first love because he’ll hold a special place in your heart.

But, you need to be realistic and get answers so you can make a decision about your future, and especially whether it includes him or not.

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