Ask Sis Dolly: I can't please her

By Drum Digital
03 August 2016

Her complaints make me ashamed to ask for sex and she never makes the first move, I don’t know how to resolve this

My girlfriend complains that I love sex too much, but I don’t see anything wrong with my sex drive. I’ve never cheated on her and I only want her.

Her complaints make me ashamed to ask for sex and she never makes the first move. I don’t know how to resolve this.

We’ve been dating for a year, but there’s no change. I’ve tried everything to make her happy physically and emotionally because I love her.

What do I do?

Sis Dolly answers

It’s commendable that you’re willing to do anything to make your relationship work, even through such challenges.

It’s possible your partner had a bad sexual experience, and the only way for you to understand is to talk to her about it.

However, she might just not have as much of an appetite for sex as you do which you will have to learn to respect.

All this can be discussed in a neutral environment with a relationship counselor.

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