Ask Sis Dolly: I cheated on her

By Drum Digital
24 June 2016

I cheated on my girlfriend after we’d been together for a year.

I cheated on my girlfriend after we’d been together for a year.

We recently had a big argument and she said we were over. I didn’t see her for a few days so I went out with friends and I met another girl.

I soon realised I didn’t want this girl. I told my ex about it and she said it was okay.

But it didn’t last. Now my ex says she doesn’t want me because she can’t trust or forgive me.

Now she doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. What do I do? I still love her and don’t want to lose her.

Sis Dolly Answers 

It seems like you regret losing her.

But do you also regret cheating on her? If she thinks it’s over, you have to be man enough and deal with that.

It’s important that you respect your girlfriend’s wishes. If she’s saying the relationship is over, then it’s over.

Pushing her might complicate the situation. All you can do is let her know you’re sorry and still want to be with her, then hope for the best.

I can hear how upset you are about losing her. However, you made some bad decisions. Why do you think you made these decisions if you valued what you had with her?

We all make mistakes but it’s important to take time to reflect on these things so you don’t find yourself regretting your actions.

Breaking trust is a very serious thing and it takes lots of commitment, responsibility and time to rebuild it.

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