Ask sis Dolly: I feel used

By Drum Digital
28 July 2015

He impregnated a woman during this time and they now have a son.

I've been involved with a man for almost 10 years and we have a four-year-old daughter. I forgave him but learnt that in 2008, while we were already together, he was in the process of marrying another girl but he backed out. I love him but feel used. He keeps promising to marry me and I'm confused.

Sis Dolly answers:

You don't explain why you feel used. How does he benefit from you, and to what extend are you prepared to continue to benefit him? if the things you've heard and seen are true, then why are you still in the relationship? It seems the sacrifice you're making is now becoming too much for you to handle. Decide if you're willing to sit through his broken promises or if it's time for you to move on.

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