Ask Sis Dolly: I want to know my father

By Drum Digital
14 June 2016

I’m 40 years old and I’ve never seen or met him.

My mother refuses to reveal my father’s identity to me. I’m 40 years old and I’ve never seen or met him.

What can I do?

Sis Dolly Answers

Your need to know your father is both important and justified.

There might be a number of reasons that are making it difficult for your mother to reveal who he is, but this shouldn’t stop you from getting the information.

Ask family members you feel comfortable with to help you.

They might be able to help you and your mother sort it out in a way that will also improve your relationship.

It’s also important that you prepare yourself mentally to deal with the truth. Perhaps your mother doesn’t know how best to tell you the truth without hurting your feelings – the matter might not be as simple as you think.

You’ll need to be emotionally ready as you search for this missing puzzle piece in your life. Restoring the relationship with your mother will be good, too.

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