Ask sis Dolly: I want to leave him

By Drum Digital
31 July 2015

I had a miscarriage and that same day he was swearing at me.

I'm 36, married to a 42 year old man and have a six year old daughter. He's done that for six years now and now I do it too. Since the miscarriage I feel I have had enough, even though I still love him. My problem is my little girl loves her dad like nobody's business.

Sis Dolly answers:

It is indeed enough. I consistently state that the  damage done to a child by two fighting parents is greater that the damage done by a separation. Happier parents are able to raise happier children. Right now, your daughter is learning that when you're in a relationship, it is fine to treat the other person with disrespect. You either need to sort yourselves out or call it quits. Either way, ensure you do right by your daughter through love and care, and by providing for her needs and well-being.

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