Ask sis Dolly: I want to pave my own way

By Drum Digital
15 July 2015

I want to start a business although I'm not really sure which one.

I love fashion and cosmetics. My wish is to see my products in international retail stores. I'm 21, and confused because I feel like I'm failing. My family can't come up with a stable decision, and I've wasted three years of my life. I'm still home with a Matric certificate. I studied maths and physical science at school, but I hate the science field now. My mom is trying her best, but she's confusing me even more because I don't like the things she wants for me. They're totally irrelevant to my dreams.

Sis Dolly answers:

You're saying two very different things about what is holding you back. The first is that you're unsure of what to do, and the seconf is that your family is confusing you. I get it that your family indecision will affect your ability to put your plans into action, but you're the person who ultimately has to work towards what you want in life. At the very least, you could stop hanging around at home and find a job. Any job will give you stimulation, and allow you to put the experience on your CV. Consider going back to maths and science as it could open the doors you need for you to explore and manufacture your own cosmetic line. If you don't want to go that route, consider doing a basic business course. Online education provider GetSmater has a variety of business courses you would find interesting. You can also visit the Sci-Bono Discovery centre for career guidance. Contact them on 011 639 8400 or email to

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