Ask sis Dolly: I'm afraid of being a single parent

By Drum Digital
03 July 2015

I'm 18 and dating a man who's 39.

We have a six-month-old daughter and have been together for three years. He's seeing another woman, too, so I'm afraid I might have to raise my baby alone. His family knows me and the other woman. What must I do?

You might have to raise your child on your own, but if you have plans and are looking for ways to be able to be independent, then at least that journey is not as much of a struggle. When you say you might have to raise your child alone, I presume you could still expect him to be a part of his child's life even if  it'd just financial support. Sort yourself out in terms of improving yourself and ensuring that you have a good support system regardless of whether or not he will be in your life.

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