Ask Sis Dolly: I'm attracted to my daughter

By Drum Digital
27 February 2017

I love my daughter more than I should. She’s 17 and I’m 41. I started developing feelings for her in 2015.

I’m happily married but this feeling for my daughter is now affecting my sexual relations with my wife.

Every time we make love I fantasise about sleeping with my daughter. On two occasions I nearly told my daughter about these feelings but I stopped myself.

Please help me.

Sis Dolly answers 

She’s your own flesh and blood and she’s only 17!

Your role is to nurture her and protect her from harm. There are a lot of perverts who sodomise and abuse children and some of those cases start like this.

You’ve allowed these feelings to grow to such an extent you’re even contemplating telling her about it.

You’re in danger of committing incest and it’s a punishable offence.

Have you ever thought how you would feel if another 41-year-old man was lusting after your daughter?

What about the damage this will do to her and your family?

I suggest you seek help from a psychologist as soon as possible.

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