Ask sis Dolly: I'm older than him

By Drum Digital
27 May 2015

I'm 18 months older than my boyfriend, and I have two kids.

we really love each other. we're planning a future together, but I'm scared his family will reject me. His family is very traditional, so he wants us to have a baby together to shut them up.

Sis Dolly answers:

What if you have a child and his family still rejects you? It sounds to me like this is a way for them to have to accept you even if it's just to tolerate you. I find this underhanded, manipulative behaviour to be dishonest even if it gets you the desired results. It's also a coward's way out because you're not willing to deal with the problem. I don't know the extent to which this "very traditional family" will go to make your life a misery, but my wish for you is that he's able to stand up for your love and courageously face any challenge.

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