Ask sis Dolly: I'm seen as weird

By Drum Digital
06 April 2015

People around me question why I haven't dated a man in the past eight years.

I'm 31 and consider my life normal. The problem is that I don't want to get involved with a married man. Do you agree with me or am i not normal.

Sis Dolly answers:

Are there no unmarried men of eligible age in Mpumalanga? That sounds a little sad. Why do you feel people's questions about your life warrant so much thought on whether you're doing the right thing  or not. If it's for you, then it's right. You're the only one who can determine what works for you. Don't let other people force you to go against your values in life.  It's also interesting that by 'normal' you imply getting involved with a married man. In the African tradition in South Africa, a man is permitted to have more than one wife. It's irrelevant whether or not I agree with this practice. What I do know is that as polygamy is accepted in our culture, if a man really loves you, he will choose to practice that custom and not keep you hidden. If you are being hidden, yo are not considered very valuable.

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