Ask Sis Dolly: Is he too old?

By Drum Digital
29 July 2016

Recently I met a 45-year-old guy; he’s been amazing and wants to marry me, I want that too, but I’m worried about his age.

I’m a 25-year-old single mom who graduated from university last year and is looking for a job. Since I broke up with my daughter’s father, I’ve had relationship problems.

I meet guys who are not ready to commit and at my age, I feel it’s crucial to have a relationship based on loyalty, consistency and stability.

Recently I met a 45-year-old guy; he’s been amazing and wants to marry me. I want that too, but I’m worried about his age.

Sometimes I get embarrassed when I walk with him in public. Should I really be worried that he’s older than me or should I just settle down with him?

Sis Dolly answers

You said you’ve been struggling to find someone with all the qualities you want in a man.

Now that you’ve found him, it seems like you’re trying to find a reason why this relationship won’t work.

There’s a saying: “Age is nothing but a number”. You, your partner and your happiness are the only things that should matter to you, not what people are saying.

You said he is amazing: if he makes you happy, you can see a future with him, and if your feelings for him are genuine, then go for it.

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