Ask Sis Dolly: Is he using me?

By Drum Digital
05 May 2016

Ask Sis Dolly: Is he using me?

My boyfriend doesn’t want me to see his family; he always wants to have sex at my place.

My cousin tells me that he has a girlfriend who is pregnant. I love him and don’t want to leave him.

What should I do?

Sis Dolly Answers

It really does sound as though something’s fishy.

You don’t say how long you’ve been seeing him. If it’s quite new you shouldn’t really be expecting to meet his family, but you do say he “always” wants to come to your place, which

suggests it’s an ongoing relationship.

Firstly, ask your cousin for the facts about the pregnant girlfriend, then go and see for yourself or ask people who may be able to tell you the truth.

You do sound like you’re willing to hold on at any cost, so in the event he’s using you, you’re 100 % allowing this to happen. Most of the time, when people are holding on to a relationship that seems based on sex, they believe the person will grow to love them and their relationship will come out in the open.

The chances of this are very slim. You need to ask him questions that give you a realistic picture.

Then, you can choose to try change things, or let go.

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