Ask Sis Dolly: Is she cheating?

By Pheto Ramakobya
02 February 2016

I suspect my wife’s cheating on me.

She’s very secretive about her cellphone and says she’s tired when I initiate sex. I still love her deeply. What can I do?

Sis Dolly answers

To get peace of mind, have the courage to ask for the information you need.

Ask her why she’s secretive about her cellphone and if she’s cheating on you. Be prepared and open to receive her answers.

She might say, “Yes, I am cheating” outright. That will hurt, but it will give you the direction you need to take in future, which could be one together or apart.

Instead of worrying, it’ll give you both an opportunity to discuss your relationship and the things you need from each other in order to be happy.

Good luck!

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