Ask Sis Dolly: It's a competition

By Drum Digital
16 September 2016

My uncle’s wife and I don’t communicate much, but every time I have my hair done, she copies my hairstyle, the same happens when I buy new clothes

My uncle’s wife and I don’t communicate much, but every time I have my hair done, she copies my hairstyle. The same happens when I buy new clothes.

We live in the same house and she gets angry when I look better than her.

Sis Dolly answers

You didn’t indicate the age gap between you and your aunt. If you are almost the same age, she might just envy your sense of style and look to you for the latest trends.

However, the fact that you live together, yet don’t communicate, is cause for concern. I suggest you invite her along one day when you go to do your hair or shopping, because it’s clear she likes the same things.

This might help you to start talking and ultimately have a relationship. Alternatively, talk to your uncle about the situation, so he can mediate between you.

Good luck.

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