Ask Sis Dolly: Love him or leave him?

By Drum Digital
07 July 2016

I have some questions about him because he doesn’t call or check on me, except when he wants me to visit.

I’m 23 and I’ve been dating a 32-years-old guy for three months.

I have some questions about him because he doesn’t call or check on me, except when he wants me to visit.

He does the same online. I told him how I feel and his excuse was that he’s busy with work.

Recently, I told him I didn’t like leaving his place alone after 10 pm. He said he doesn’t want a committed relationship as he’s been hurt before and can’t make any promises to me.

I love him but sometimes I feel he’s wasting my time. Should I leave or stay?

Sis Dolly answers

He’s made it clear he is not ready for a commitment.

His actions say a lot and they should tell you where you stand with him.

You need to ask yourself if you’re really willing to be in a relationship with someone who treats you this way, who only wants you around when it suits him and who isn’t worried about your safety.

Is this the kind of man you want to be with?

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