Ask Sis Dolly: My teacher touches me

By Drum Digital
08 June 2016

I’m in Grade 10 and think one of my teachers is a lesbian and has feelings for me and other girls in my class.

I’m in Grade 10 and think one of my teachers is a lesbian and has feelings for me and other girls in my class.

I started to think this after she made comments about our “sexy” bodies. It was not too serious, just things like “your legs look so gorgeous”.

Sometimes she made comments about our growing breasts, too. I never took her comments seriously until she started becoming physical with me.

Once when I was in detention, she rubbed my thighs to make me warm after she was complaining about the air conditioner. I pushed her hand away in shock but she then said I must go home and rest.

I really don’t know what to do. Is this as serious as I think?

Sis Dolly Answers

It’s your body and nobody, not even your teacher, has a right to make comments or worse, touch you in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Her words are sexually loaded and inappropriate. While a teacher has a right to comment about how you look in terms of grooming and cleanliness for school, personal remarks about body shape and so forth aren’t acceptable.

Flirting and touching is always invasive and might constitute sexual harassment. I think you need to talk to her alone and say exactly how you feel when she makes her remarks about or touches your body.

Perhaps discuss this with the other girls and then go and talk to another teacher you trust or the principal. It might be that the other girls are shy, or worse things have happened to them. You have the power to stop this, so speak up.

Don’t worry about your teacher because whatever happens is the consequence of her actions. It doesn’t reflect on you or your friends in any way. It’s best to talk to your school nurse, student leader, other teachers, principal and/or your parents.

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