Ask sis Dolly: Our child is a secret

By Drum Digital
27 August 2015

When I was pregnant, he told me he has a girlfriend and three children.

I'm 23 and my boyfriend is 32. I've been in love with him for a year and we have a baby together. I was surprised because when we met, he told me he only has one child. he told me he doesn't want to break up with either of us and will stay with us both. He's very supportive, loving and caring. But no one in his family knows about our baby. How do I stay with someone who hides our bay from his family?

Sis Dolly answers:

Whether or nor this man has 10 children or only one, you needed to think about yourself first. If you had waited a little bit longer and practiced family planning and safe sex, you might have found out about his lies and wouldn't have had to make a decision after the fact. My question to you is: how long are you prepared to put up with this situation? You need to put your needs and the needs of your child first. make an informed decision by thinking about what you want from this relationship and what you want for your life and your child's life. Good luck.

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