Ask Sis Dolly: Past lover wants me back

By Drum Digital
02 September 2015

I'm 42 and he's 34. We were in love for about 11 years and have one child. He abused me physically and we broke up. Now, he's in love with a woman who's on ARVs but he wants us to get back together. He's fighting with my boyfriend. Please help.

Sis Dolly answers:

Don't allow this man to come in and out of your life as he pleases. He is spoiling what you now have with your boyfriend. He abused you for many years and you must be glad he decided to give you a break. Let him be with his new girlfriend and remember that when you were together your relationship was rocky. The only thing you must share with this man is the child. Surely he can be a father without sharing a bed with you? Let him know you have moved on and it isn't fair on your boyfriend.

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