Ask Sis Dolly: Problems with my mom

By Drum Digital
16 April 2014

My grandmother raised me but my mother and I don't get along

Anonymous asks: My dad died in 1999 when I was seven-years-old and I was raised by my gogo while my mother went to university. Today my mother is a successful career woman but we don’t get along. There’s conflict every time I visit her. I try to be on my best behaviour and understand her but nothing seems to work. I’m not sure whether she feels I’m intruding on her new relationship with my stepfather but all I really want is a good relationship with her. Why can’t she try to understand me? It seems as if she only cares about herself. What can I do?

Sis Dolly answers: You’re old enough now to have a decent conversation with your mother and I suggest you try to get to the bottom of what is going on. It seems to me as if you both need time to get to know one another again, seeing as you grew up without her. I suggest you ask her if you can spend more time with her, so that you can get to know her and build up a relationship and bond as mother and daughter. It could well be that you remind her of a very sad time in her life when she had to battle on her own, but I am sure she loves you and wants the best for you. Remember that no mother daughter relationship is perfect.

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