Ask Sis Dolly: She is cheating on me

By Drum Digital
04 April 2017

Now she’s giving me a hard time. There’s no sex and she’s always on her cellphone, even at night.

I found out my wife is cheating on me but she denied it until I found proof. She then admitted it and I forgave her.

When I tell her not to touch her phone after 8 pm we fight and she’ll do it in my absence.

Was I wrong to forgive her and continue with the marriage?

What must I do? Please help me.

Sis Dolly answers

No, you were not wrong in forgiving her, it was really big of you to do so. You forgave her infidelity because you wanted to save your marriage.

But your wife does not appear to be on the same page as you. Her actions are not of one who is remorseful or willing to change.

It’s in your best interests to talk to her about her intentions. She needs to indicate whether she is in or out.

If you find it difficult to discuss this with her, you can call Families South Africa on 011-975-7106 to find and speak to  a marriage counsellor in your area.

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