Ask sis Dolly:  She is disrespectful

By Drum Digital
29 January 2016

I’m 37 and have been in a dating relationship for seven years and we have two kids. I love her but she shows me no respect.

She talks to me like I’m nothing and says I’m jealous. Please help.

Sis Dolly answers

You’ve been with this woman for seven years and have two kids. Why aren’t you married? I’m asking because it seems that this is a situation where no one is winning.

If you both feel that the other person must respect you, but won’t reciprocate respect, then you are in a warzone and not in a relationship.

The difference is that in a warzone, there can only be one winner. In a relationship, everyone needs to win.

The two of you need to grow up and sit down and have a discussion about what you are prepared to put into this relationship,what you want out of it and what sacrifices you are prepared to make for the other person.

Then you’ll see if you are going to make it work or not. You both need to want it and be committed to making it work

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