Ask Sis Dolly: She mistreats me

By Drum Digital
23 February 2016

I’m a 40-year-old guy and once dated a 33-year-old woman whom I used to love with all my heart.

She left me because I suffer from epilepsy.

She once said I didn’t want to do the things she wanted.

I used to give her everything until I ended up in hospital. She didn’t visit me once and had a child with another man.

She came back and claimed the child was mine. I refused to support the child until DNA tests proved I was the dad.

What must I do when she plays with my feelings? I now want someone to love but am afraid she might do that again.

Sis Dolly answers:

You imply that the DNA test came back positive, but brother, you have still not accepted that this child is yours.

So, yes, this woman didn’t visit you in hospital and may have had an affair with another man but you need to start by separating these

issues, and separating your willingness to support your child from your willingness to be played.

I always say we teach people how to treat us. The only reason she can “play with your feelings” is because you’re letting her. Find out if she’s invested in this relationship and if she loves you.

Ask yourself if you still want to be with her given you say that you “used to love her with all your heart”.

It’s okay to decide that the relationship won’t work and that you need someone who loves you with all their heart. If that’s what you give, then it’s only right that you should find someone who’s willing to give you the


Always be there for your child.

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