Ask Sis Dolly: She says it's not over

By Drum Digital
02 September 2015

I'm 35 and once enjoyed a relationship with a 52-year old married woman and mother of six. We have an 8-year old son together.

I ended our relationship four years ago before her husband retired. But she insists it's not over, saying "until death do us part". Everything I have today I got because she was there for me. What should I do?

Sis Dolly answers:

It sounds like a complicated situation. Since you share a child, technically you can't walk away from any relationship with her. It also sounds like you're not giving her a clear sense that your love relationship has ended for good. You need to have that conversation to server any hope of rekindling your romance. Perhaps you feel guilty about the fact that she was there and you feel as if you owe her something. The choice is to give her what she wants or clearly state that you can't. Set the boundaries for your relationship and stick to them.

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