Ask Sis Dolly: She won't make love

By Drum Digital
18 August 2016

I have a problem with the girl I’m dating: We’ve been together for four years but we’ve never had sex

I have a problem with the girl I’m dating: We’ve been together for four years but we’ve never had sex.

I do everything she wants, and I even provide financial support for her.

What should I do because I’m losing patience with her?

Sis Dolly answers 

It seems as if this situation is frustrating and taking a toll on you and your relationship. But I must also commend you for being patient with her for so long.

Have you tried talking to your partner about her reluctance to be intimate with you? She might have a valid reason why she’s not into sex, but she needs to let you in on it so you can support her in whatever it is she’s going through and probably seek help together.

Make her understand that you are there for her and are willing to support her because that is what relationships are all about.

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