Ask Sis Dolly: She's a cyber cheater

By Drum Digital
04 May 2016

Ask Sis Dolly: She's a cyber cheater

My partner is having sexual conversations with another man, though she claims she hasn’t met him.

We made up, but I lose concentration when having sex with her. What must I do?

Sis Dolly Answers

You don’t trust her anymore. If you both really want the relationship to continue, you need to work hard on rebuilding the trust and understanding each other’s needs.

Intimate conversations with another man still amounts to cheating, whether she’s met him or not.

The question is: if she’d been given the opportunity to carry it through to the next level, would she have done so? Also, what is it about these conversations that’s exciting for her? Why does she need this and why does she think it’s OK? You need to have this discussion to see if you can get over this, forgive and carry on, or if it would be too much.

And you both need to work at it; she needs to do her part in rebuilding your trust. If you’d like to set up a counselling session, call Famsa on 011-975-7106/7.

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