Ask Sis Dolly: Stuck in a love triangle

By Drum Digital
23 March 2016

I’m engaged but secretly dating a married man.

I’m engaged but secretly dating a married man. I’m scared I might be pregnant with his child. I can’t leave my fiancé to be second best. What do I do? There’s no one to talk to.

Sis Dolly answers

What are you doing? How do you see this working out for you in the future? Why are you having unprotected sex with two men, one of whom is married? I think you are behaving extremely irresponsibly, both to yourself and your future as well as towards two men and another woman.

Why are you staying with your fiancé if you want to be in a relationship with another man? You’re not confused as much as you are being selfish: you want a piece of all the pie that is offered to you, but you can’t even be smart about it.

First, do a pregnancy test and establish the date of conception of this child. Then decide what life you want and how you will provide for your child, and make sure the child’s father also supports the baby.

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