Ask sis Dolly: Tired of being a nun

By Drum Digital
11 June 2015

I'm 24 and have been a nun for the past seven years.

My problem is that my mom loves the fact that I'm a nun, but it's not fulfilling anymore. How can I tell her without breaking her heart? I just want her to try and understand my decision.

Sis Dolly answers:

Can you clearly explain to her your reasons for not wanting to be a nun anymore? her need for you to be a nun is probably because she sees it as a safe place for you within our society. Hear her out and have a discussion that hopefully allows you both to realise that your love for each other won't change regardless of your decision. Your mom might need to separate her dreams for you from the dreams you have for yourself. If you're both honest, she'll get over her disappointment when  you're happy and fulfilled.

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