Ask Sis Dolly: Why was I raped?

By Drum Digital
24 May 2016

I was raped while in matric and need reasons as to why this happened to me.

I was raped while in matric and need reasons as to why this happened to me.

I’m getting counselling but I don’t feel like I’m getting any answers.

Sis Dolly Answers

I get the sense you’re seeking reasons as to why you were wronged and what you possibly did to become a victim.

I’m probably going to say the same thing as the therapist: you did nothing wrong.

The reason rapists rape is because they have a problem, and they have a need to be powerful and control another human being through the act of rape. A rapist will say: “You asked for it”.

That is a lie because when you look at the situation, there is only one factor that is consistent: sick-minded rapists. Nothing else can be said to be a consistent factor, nothing! I’m really sorry you were a victim of this act of aggression but I’m proud you’re going for therapy.

The therapist is there to support all your emotions in each session. So remember, no emotion needs to be censored because a therapist can handle it.

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