Ask sis Dolly: Will he cheat again?

By Drum Digital
14 August 2015

Last year, he cheated on me and I was heartbroken.

I'm a 28 year old woman and mother of two. In 2010, when my son was four, I met a wonderful man. We dated for a short while and things got serious. We quickly moved in together and everything was going well. We have a three year old son together and I'm expecting our second child. I don't trust him anymore, even though he apologised and promised he'd never do it again. He proposed marriage and I accepted.  We're in love and committed to our little family but how can I trust that he won't cheat on me again after we're married.

Sis Dolly answers:

Either you trust him or you don't. There really is no in between. But having said that, he has broken your trust and you're looking to repair that. You need to keep talking to him. Tell him you're battling to trust him again and that you really need his help to rebuild that trust. He has made a commitment, which is great. Now, he must continue to follow through with his promises to you and give you reason to trust him again. Go for marriage counselling if you feel it will help.

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