Ask sis Dolly: Will he leave her?

By Drum Digital
01 July 2015

I feel pressured by my age to have a child with him.

I'm 30 and have been dating a 38-year-old man for a year. He promised to marry me, but he has a wife of 13 years and they also have children together. I sometimes feel pressured by my age to have a child with him but he says he'd like to marry me before we start a family. Will he ever leave her for me and what should I do?

Sis Dolly answers:

Ask him when he's going to marry you. he needs to let you know if he intends on leaving his wife- and when. once you have had this conversation with him, the truth will allow you to make empowered choices. it sounds like the classic story of the man having an affair without any intention of leaving his wife or partner. Don't be blinded by your hopes and dreams, but keep them alive. Whether you choose to leave or wait, make sure you make every effort to get to the truth.

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