Ask Sis Dolly: Will he marry me

By Drum Digital
13 September 2016

I’m 28 and my man is 40, we’ve been together for six years and just had our first child together

I’m 28 and my man is 40, we’ve been together for six years and just had our first child together.

He has two kids from his marriage and I have one from my previous relationship. He says he will marry me when the time is right but I hear doubt in his voice.

It hurts me to know he might not marry me. Help me get through to him.

Sis Dolly answers

You’ve been in a relationship with this man for six years so I wonder if the time will ever be right for him. If he had any intention of leaving his wife for you, believe me, he would have done it by now.

It certainly looks like he’s enjoying having you around, while also enjoying the benefits of being married. But what about your future and your child’s?

He needs to let you know what his intentions are and stop wasting your time.

Talk to him and demand answers.

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